Mr. Elephant’s Rio Tour, Week One

Well, it’s now been one week since Mr. Elephant’s Rio Tour was launched into the world. What a week! It’s been really exciting to see something that so much work has gone into – both mine and my illustrator’s – actually out in the wilds, or better yet, into the hands of readers!

I am so grateful for the support from friends and family, who bought copies, or liked and shared my Facebook updates, and am now starting to hear some feedback from folks who have received their copies. I can’t even begin to describe how euphoric it makes me feel when I hear that someone’s read the book, either by themselves or to their kids, and enjoyed it! Pure happiness!

There were some technical hitches (Amazon, I’m looking at you!), which seem to be resolved now, and since my launch giveaway ended last night at midnight, I’m officially considering this book launched!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Mr. Elephant’s Rio Tour‘s launch a success!


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